Teacher by day, blogger by night!
Teacher by day, blogger by night!

Teacher by day, blogger by night! That's no bird, not a plane, it's *drum roll*...

Hey! I'm Tim "Blunder" Redd. I go by BlunderRed when I write because every virtual superhero needs a title.

I'm an English teacher from Austin, Texas who's always been interested in the idea of game journalism. That is, I love to talk about video games and dissect them and hopefully convey these interesting findings to others, if not learn something entirely different from them. It's this blend of the two forms— academic writing and gaming— that has really drawn me to it all.

Also who doesn't love talking about a video game? As of now, I have three primary segments I'm working with.

Office Hours is a soapbox-style series where I take one topic of the industry and talk about it. It's more opinionated than the rest, but I hope that it'll make for a decent bit of discussion!


First Impressions is your standard game review, but this is written under the idea that one review by one person at one specific point in time can't hold up forever. These are my impressions at the time, but those are always subject to change if revisited.

I also have a plethora of 101's in the works, segments in which I discuss a topic many might just need a refresher course on. As the title suggests, it's supposed to be introductory, and you'll hopefully come out of it knowing the foundations of the subject.


Yeah, I'm really milking the "teacher" theme, but I'm of the mindset that the whole world can be a classroom, and everyone can learn something from someone else.

I currently have my own blog where I'll be posting different articles in a less professional format. I am also the gaming editor on a start-up collegiate lifestyle magazine (and a notable mouthful of words) called Shuffle! We focus on the Austin college life, including gaming!


I'm welcome to talk about anything and everything! You may reach me at my email if you'd like to talk or game or whatever! Hoping to have a great sTAY here!

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